Thursday, June 9, 2016

Making Space

A few weeks ago my son moved into his new home.  My excitement over this big event in the family was increased considerably by the fact that much of our basement was stacked to the rafters with boxes and furniture for months prior, and was emptied out as part of the move. I am always struck by the effect of clutter in my personal space on my mental state.  Even more pronounced is the way such transitions seem to come in bunches of synchronicity.  In this case, the timing of the clear out is neatly contained within the final stages of the book edit resulting in a huge shift in my sense of urgency to a more relaxed Summer Season attitude.

The rush of the move has given way to a slower paced arranging of furniture and unpacking of boxes.  I have been visiting frequently and helping my grandson plant his container garden, and tossing out the gradually emptied cardboard boxes.  As far as my publishing efforts, things are taking their own pace, and there is only so much I can do to expedite before I get the book copies in my hands. These shifting energies sometimes build up to anxiety about all that could or should be done to expedite the project(s), but I try to slow my thoughts and just appreciate the sense of "space between."

In painting, in music and in life it is important to remember that the focus and meaning is only as effective as the context it is held within.  The house full of boxes and clutter is not "home-y;" it is when we place our featured items into position, and open up the space between that we can relax and enjoy our sense of place.  Meandering in life offers the opportunity to find inspiration and meaning that might later be developed artfully and shared effectively.  Patience and gratitude are all about the space between, about mindfully embracing the moment we are in, and appreciating its value in our life as it unfolds.  This moment of pause and appreciate is energizing as we build toward the next opportunity for expression and enactment.  So find some space and wait for what comes next...

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