Monday, May 6, 2013

Basic Goodness

There has been a feeling of uncertainty arising when I consider posting my blog entries of late.  It is a familiar feeling; one that hits at my deepest level of fear that what I have to say will be rejected or dismissed as unimportant.  It is strange to send my private musings out into a cyber world, never knowing unless I get a response (rarely, thus far), whether anyone other than the mechanical web crawlers will access them.  Worse will someone see them an think me a fool, or not worth their consideration.  All of my judging parts rise like primitive hairs on the back of my neck, bristling with defensiveness and reasons not to allow myself such vulnerability.  Yet if I don't take the risk, I will never complete my goal - that of sharing what I know and experience in my rare privilege of access to the deeper workings of trauma and human development.  In fact, my very hesitation is a prime example of how we are shaped by the meanings we absorb from personal (and universal?) interactions.  Old messages about limitations of worth; undeserving-ness of attention; self-obsession; light under the bushel basket, and all that.  Those are the big T and little t traumatic meaning that many of us carry, affecting how we participate and who we are. 

The meditation group I started attending last Autumn has been a factor in my concerns.  Confusing messages about the illusion of separateness and the limitations of ego have me questioning myself even further.  Still, I am where I am in my journey, and there are signs from those I speak with and work with that tell me I have something unique to offer, a perspective informed by training and experience.  We all have something unique to offer, and I am resolved to put it out there in hopes that it makes a difference, and that you, reader, will receive it, as I will take in what you have to offer, in a spirit of open acceptance.

Yesterday there was a message from the teacher of our Shambhala group, declaring May 7 (tomorrow) to be "basic-goodness day."  What a lovely idea, and one I get the opportunity to share, here and in my interactions with students and clients, perhaps some shopkeepers, and certainly my family and friends.  The day offers a challenge, and answers my question about whether what I have to offer is of value.  As one element of our enlightened (and enlightenable) society, I recognize my basic goodness.  I recognize the basic-goodness that is in you, and I trust that you will hear me without judgment.  If so, maybe you could take a moment to let me know what you think, I'd like to hear from you.

We declare May 7, 2013 to be Basic Goodness Day, a day when people all over the world, no matter what their beliefs, religion,culture, or creed, collectively affirm their own and others’ basic goodness.

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