Monday, November 16, 2015

Women's Wisdom

I have a birthday this week; my 56th year will soon be underway.  I understand this is the traditional year of a woman's transition to "Crone."  In Ancient Celtic tradition there was recognition of a feminine trinity of life phases having to do with fertility and creativity.  Beginning with "Maiden," then "Mother," these phases speak to ongoing cycle of birth, growth and death, then rebirth at another level.

Our society tends to downplay the gifts of aging often shuttling elders to the side, although of course these days the life expectancy has increased to such an extent that it happens later than it once did.  Still there is such a focus on youth and vitality that we may forget to appreciate the accumulation of wisdom available among older family members.  We might think there is too much new out there for the past to have much meaning, but the old ways still hold truth.

Having lived through the blessings and struggles of the earlier two phases, I am feeling excited about my entry into "Crone-ship."  I am fortunate to have a group of sister (by blood and by choice) to share this age with.  Our combined knowledge and creative energy is a force to be reckoned with.  If we add our energies to those of the mothers and grandmothers who came before us, our collective strength is a tremendous resource.  It is only when we separate ourselves out that we risk becoming extraneous.

In an exploration of carrying familial truths forward; Generating new formulations from old energies, take some time to think about what meanings your mother has given to you that are part of who you have become.  What do you know about your grandmothers that might have contributed to that gift or burden?  How does it affect you now?  Let this awareness continue for a few weeks and see if there are elements of those contributions that you wish to enhance or to extinguish.  Why and how might you do so? How might it make you stronger?

Begin to pave your path to your own "Crone-ship."  Make some noted in your journal for future reference. Let your intentions be your guide.