Monday, October 29, 2012

Practicing What I Preach

I haven't posted much during the month of October, but I am always thinking about how to maintain FLOW in my life.  The transition from the hot dry Summer to a lush and colorful Autumn is an especially meaningful time for me.  The angle of sunlight changes, adding increased awareness of the shortening days, and adding meaning to the day to day opportunity to be out in nature.  We traveled this month to our lake, a 650 mi journey to the past.  The little cabin built by my grandfather as a gift to future generations is a place of powerful ancestral energies.  Family stories build a tapestry of history from the days of loggers and Native American wild rice fields, investing the simple moments with tradition and intention.  Those who have gone before somehow remain present in the cedar walls and loon cries of that cabin.

It is not coincidental that my wedding took place in October, but another, more complex anniversary also falls at the end of this month.  Fourteen years since hearing the news that I had breast cancer, the long painful and frightening journey began from that point.  It is important to hold to that date, not just to grieve for the losses, but to embrace the healing that has been a direct result of that terrible challenge.  A time to count blessings, and consider ways to sustain and further the healing.  October emerges into rites of celebration.  Marking the passage of time and the strength of tradition is a powerful way to aid the flow of positive energy for a true appreciation of the present, unfolding as it will toward the infinite possibilities of the future.